Van Kampen Hall

Van Kampen Hall

Houses: Third Year Students (Junior Status)

Built: 1963

Named After: Mrs. Angela VanKampen, who was the housemother of Catherwood Hall which burned down during the Coyote Fire of 1964.

Interesting Fact: Van Kampen used to be known as Q-Ville, which consisted of six military Quonset huts that had been brought to the campus in 1946. Eventually the college removed the huts in 1960, and built the residence hall on the site.

Claim to Fame: Van Kampen has won the most Spring Sing Titles, winning a total of 17 times. The most recent wins were in 2008, 2011, and 2013.

Vision Statement for 2017-2018: "Welcome to the Neighborhood."

General Description: A favorite feature of Van Kampen Hall is its large and sunny courtyard, which is a popular place for frequent interaction among residents and visitors. It also features three well loved lounges - a study lounge with a printer/copier, a game lounge, and a social lounge with a large kitchen.

The bright, airy rooms are the largest on campus, measuring about 12-by-16 feet. Eighteen four-room suites open to the central courtyard. All the rooms ar triple occupancy and house about 200 junior students (133 women and 68 men). Van Kampen is co-ed with men and women living in separate suites.

Van Kampen is located on the loewr part of campus below the dining commons and near the Health and Counseling Centers. It is the closest hall to Murchison Gymnasium and the Wiegand Fitness Center.


  • Annual VK Photo Gallary: 10 of the best photos submitted for this event are hung in the upstairs lounge for the rest of the year.
  • The Lighting of VK: Post Thanksgiving break tradition of stringing lights across the courtyard to create a magical Christmas feel. Hot drinks, Christmas cookies, and other wintery treats are also enjoyed at this event.
  • Lower Campus Block Party: As a final hurrah of the school year, the halls on Lower Campus join together to celebrate with a cookout, music, and showcasing hall talent.