Independent Contractor Checklist

This Excel-based checklist (access below) was prepared by the Office of Risk Management at Westmont College in Santa Barbara CA. It is offered as a convenience to entities seeking to determine contractor status in the state of California, with the request that the source be credited in any duplication, derivation or other use of the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet recites (in its light purple cells, without material revision) the verbatim content of the Employment Determination Guide (DE-38), an official government publication of the California Employment Development Department (EDD). It also enables entries in other-shaded cells to make readilyvisible the set of interpretations offered by the EDD, and to optionally record the user's perspectives leading to their self-assessment in answering the 13 questions posed.. It does not constitute legal advice. Westmont College disclaims all liability for its use or misuse.

Technical Note

When you click this link* you will be downloading a Microsoft Excel Template (an xltm file). It contains the following "macro", which merely enables use of Excel's outlining function (ie, clicking a plus sign to show or hide certain content) in an otherwise-protected workbook. The macro must be enabled for proper functionality:

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
With Sheets("sheetname")
.Unprotect Password:="secret"
.Protect Password:="secret", UserInterfaceOnly:=True
.EnableOutlining = True
End With
End Sub

Upon use of the template you will be prompted to Save to a macro-enabled Excel spreadsheet (an xlsm file).

Best wishes as you seek to do right by the complex laws and regulations governing this area of employment practice.


Feedback about the checklist is welcome and may be routed to this email.

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* The link takes you to the site for íntegReady, a non-profit venture of Westmont College to offer to higher education its planning tool for use byemergency management practitioners.