Faculty & Staff


Brad Berky, Director & Faculty Internship Coordinator

With over twenty years with Westmont in San Francisco, Brad is the Director and Professor of Urban Practicum and the Faith, Ethics and Vocational Formation seminar. He was a student the program and has been a faculty member since 1990, thus providing him with a unique depth of insight and experience around what makes a semester in San Francisco so transformative.  Brad holds a B.A. in Political Studies from Gordon College; an M.Div. in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary and has completed four years of a Ph.D. in Social Ethics at the Graduate Theological Union.  Prior to joining the program, he lived and worked with intentional Christian community located in a low-income neighborhood of Oakland, CA where he served as a youth worker and later as program director of its Central American mission-development agency.  He lived in El Salvador and Guatemala during these years following earlier stints as a prison chaplain, campus minister and coffee shop barista.

Brad enjoys the arts, the outdoors, cross-cultural encounters and most of all working with college age young adults.  He also spends a fair bit of time these days keeping up with his teenage son who is a sports nut to the core as well as connecting with close, long-time friends.  His other passions include the integration of faith and social justice, racial/ethnic reconciliation and holistic spiritual formation.  Good food, good music and a good laugh likewise sustain him.  In working with the program, Brad thrives on seeing how students discover themselves, the world and God in renewed ways and the privilege of journeying with them in this process. Brad recently led a Mayterm Course in SF, Thailand, and Cambodia regarding Human Trafficking and served as Faculty Director of Westmont in Mexico in Fall 2010.   


Karen Andrews

Karen Andrews, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Urban Studies and English

Karen has taught Urban Studies, English electives and Independent Studies tutorials on Westmont in San Francisco since Fall 1997. A native of Southern California and alumna of Westmont College (’83), Karen previously taught in the English department at Westmont, and on England Semester 1994 with Professor Steve Cook. Prior to returning to her alma mater in the mid-1990s, Karen taught at various institutions such as Azusa Pacific University, Harvey Mudd College, and Kobe College—a women’s college in Kobe, Japan.

Together with her young son, Karen lives in the Bernal Heights neighborhood here in San Francisco.  She is devoted to parenting, teaching, and pursuing God's truth and beauty through literature and the arts. In her teaching and writing, she highlights the voices of those who are silenced and marginalized. She treasures relationships with family and friends, especially sharing meaningful conversation over meals. Karen typically spends her leisure time reading, walking, playing with her son, watching movies, listening to music, thinking, praying, writing, conversing with friends and enjoying the simple pleasures—like a good cup of tea.


Maddie Deegan

Maddie Deegan , Assistant Director of Operations












Jessica LeGault , Student Life Coordinator

Jess joined the Westmont in San Francisco staff in January 2014 as the Student Life Coordinator. A recent graduate of Westmont College, Jess majored in Sociology and Anthropology. She developed a passion for cities throughout her coursework and experiences as a student at Westmont. During her time there, Jess served as a Resident Assistant for a year, where she developed an appreciation for quality conversations and student development. Jess is a WSF alum and was influenced by the deep discussions and array of topics considered both inside and outside of the Clunie House.Jess is passionate about community, social justice, and the many issues that affect cities around the world. As Student Life Coordinator, Jess enjoys the intersection of these passions and the opportunity to encourage students to discover their own passions and how they can be utilized in an urban setting.