Citadel - Westmont's Yearbook

About the Citadel

The Citadel, Westmont’s yearbook, is produced annually by students. To inquire about serving on the staff or aquiring a yearbook, contact Michael Sawyer, the editor, at

Editor in Chief:
Citadel Editor in Chief Michael Sawyer
Suupervising Editor Bri Metzner
Residence Life Editor Jenn Sanchez
Sports Editor JJ Turbin
Design Editor Sarah Bostick
Portraits Editor Michelle Grout
Campus Life Editor Myvy Ngo
Copy Editor Andrew Sutherland
Copy Editor Austin Lillenberg
Senior Dedications Editor Emily Pihl
Staff Writer Marshall Pingle
Staff Writer Heather Miranda
Staff Writer Micah Sapienza
Staff Writer Katie Landis
Staff Photographer Christian Sorenson
Staff Photographer Kelley Dillard
Staff Photographer Elana Palace
Staff Photographer Tyler Merkel
Staff Photographer Kylie Miller
Staff Photographer JJ Beasley
Staff Photographer Raynielle Collins
Staff Photographer Amelie Klein
Staff Photographer Daniel Gee
Staff Photographer Ryan Morgan
Staff Photographer Jan Sy
Contact Info:

Office Hours:

Citadel Office, Clark A

Megan Stichter
Instructor of Economics/Business