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Alumni Spotlight:
Ryan Zoradi '08

Ryan Zoradi

Semesters in Europe and Mexico with Westmont helped broaden Ryan Zoradi ‘08’s knowledge of the world and global understanding. He says Westmont also impressed upon him the importance of community. He immersed himself in both academic and campus life, participating in Spring Sing, Potter’s Clay, student ministries, and residence life. “My most important pursuit at Westmont, however, was personal relationships,” Ryan says. “At Westmont, I made friends for life.” Ryan incorporates both the global perspective he expanded at Westmont and his desire to touch individual lives at Unitus Impact, a venture capital firm that invests in startup businesses that improve the lives of low-income workers in India and Southeast Asia. “I am thankful to work at a company with a global reach,” Ryan says. “A Westmont education puts every graduate in the top 1 percent globally; with this comes tremendous opportunity, but also responsibility.”