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Lawns and Gardens

Kerrwood Hall

Kerrwood Lawn

300 Guests

Located in the center of the circular driveway of the original estate. Surrounded by trees, plants and the stately backdrop of the Santa Ynez mountains.
Formal Gardens

Formal Gardens

500 Guests

A beautifully landscaped getaway in the center of campus, this area is the pride and joy of Westmont, and remains relatively unchanged from the 1920's.
Prayer Chapel

Prayer Chapel Lawn

125 Guests

This charming space, located directly behind the Voskuyl Prayer Chapel, overlooks a serene pond filled with lily pads and delightful water features. The rich history of the college is exemplifed in this space.

Magnolia Lawn

150 Guests

Find two lawns with beautiful views of the ocean and mountains just steps from the formal garden and enjoy the soft aromas of roses and other various flowers at all times on this amazing space.
Italian Fountain

President's Patio

50 Guests


The centerpiece of this charming stone patio located right outside Kerrwood Hall is its imported Italian fountain that shimmers water and light all over this historic space.