Lawns and Gardens

Formal Garden

Davis Formal Garden is a beautifully landscaped getaway located in the center of campus. With pristine hedges, exotic flowers, and tranquil water fountains, this is a space to meditate and enjoy the beauty of a traditional Montecito estate.

Prayer Chapel

Voskuyl Prayer Chapel Lawn is a charming space located directly behind the Voskuyl Prayer Chapel. This distinctive location overlooks a serene pond filled with lily pads and delightful water features. The rich plant life in this area offers many one-of-a-kind photo opportunities. It can accommodate up to 125 guests.

Kerrwood Lawn

Kerrwood Lawn is a beautifully manicured space set amidst the stately backdrop of Kerrwood Hall. Located in the center of the circular driveway of the original estate, this lawn is one of the first sites you encounter as you drive in through the main campus entrance. Surrounded by stately trees and plant life, this sprawling lawn still feels intimate. Garden pathways are just steps from the lawn and provide a beautiful backdrop for photographs.

Magnolia Lawn

Magnolia Lawn consists of two lawns with beautiful views of the ocean and mountains. Just steps from the Formal Garden, soft aromas of rose, citrus, and lavender often drift through this area. This open space located below the Kerrwood terrace is in a central campus location that is both beautiful and convenient.

President Patio

President’s Patio is a charming stone patio located right outside Kerrwood Hall. The central feature of this patio is the beautiful imported Italian fountain. This space is beautifully landscaped with a variety of plants and flowers.