First-Year Experience

Hallmarks of the First-Year Experience

Inoculum: Twelve-day Sierra Country backpacking trip for 20 new students offering two elective credits

New-Student Orientation: A focused welcome program intended to familiarize new students with the campus and community

Warrior Wise: Weekly interactive gatherings that bring the first-year class together for fellowship, and to address key issues including alcohol, sexual assault, diversity and stress management

First-Year Class Chapel: The first-year class unites to think together about their global learning and faith development over the next four years

Community Picnic: A community BBQ where students learn about Westmont clubs and student organizations

First-Year Retreat: Two-night off campus retreat where 100 first-year students consider their personal and spiritual identity

First-Year Residential Communities: Shared first year living spaces led by RDs and RAs who address first year issues and introduce student's to Westmont's community values

Social Programming: Monthly social events for first year students including dinner cruises, gotcha games and other great events

Academic Advising: Students are assigned to a faculty advior who assists with course selection and academic advising

Core Curriculum: First year students engage in the general education curriculum together beginning with common contexts courses such as World History and Christian Doctrine

Community Picnic