Info and FAQs

Westmont College
955 La Paz Road
Santa Barbara, Ca 93108


How can I register for a camp?

All campers may reserve a space in camp with a credit card along with a completed application. Click here to register.

Are all camps located on the Westmont Campus?

Yes! All camps are on the Westmont Campus and will utilize the Russ Carr Baseball Facility.

What happens if my child is injured or sick during camp?

Qualified trainers will be on duty for the duration of all camps to care for minor injuries and illness. Parents or guardians will be contacted immediately if there is a serious injury or a child needs to leave camp early for a medical reason. Please make a notation on the application form if there is any medical condition we should be aware of in advance of the camperĀ¹s attendance to our soccer academies. Our athletic trainer will be available for questions on the first day of each camp and throughout the week.

What happens if my child is sick or injured and cannot attend camp? Do I get a cash refund?

(Cancellation policy does not apply for single day camps- no refunds)

Click here to view our cancellation policy for all overnight camps.

What does each camper receive?

1- All Camps: Each camper will receive a camp t-shirt

2- Overnight Prospect Camp: Each camper will receive a camp t-shirt and camp hat

3- Single Day Prospect Camp: Lunch provided

What should a camper bring with them to an overnight camp? (overnight only)

A complete packing list will be attached to your confirmation email. Please use this list as a guide: Sleeping bag or set of sheets and a blanket, pillow with case, 2 towels, baseball pants, baseball belt, work out t-shrits, baseball socks, glove, hat, cleats, turfs or athletic shoes, shorts, pajamas, bathing suit, one pair of sandals, alarm clock, sunscreen, toiletries, optional: book, stationary, camera and whatever else you feel you need.

Day Camp- Each camper should bring their own baseball equipment.

What airport is best to fly into and what about airport transportation?

Santa Barbara is the best to fly into. Check the box indicating you need transportation on your registration form and a $20 charge will be added to your registration

How much baseball will be played? (overnight only)

Typically we spend 8 hours per day on full days and 4-5 hours per day on half days.

What is the typical daily schedule for a camper? (overnight and single day camp listed below)

Overnight Itinerary (example)

1st Day: 12:00-1:00 pm- check in

11:00- Check-in
12:00- Lunch in Dining Commons
1:00- Pro Style Workout and Player Evaluation (Hitting Video)
3:30- Controlled Scrimmage
4:30- Baserunning Instructional Session
5:30- Clean up and Shower for dinner
7:00- Dinner/Recruiting talk (day campers welcome- meal not included)
10:00- Curfew

2nd Day: 7:30- Breakfast

8:00- Breakfast (overnight campers)
9:30- Position Specific Defensive Instruction and Drill work
11:00- Batting Practice (Hitting instruction and Drill work in cages)
12:30- Lunch in Dining Commons (all campers)
1:30- Live Game
7:00- Dinner
8:00- Movie Night
10:30- Curfew

3rd Day: 7:30- Breakfast

8:00- Breakfast
9:00- On Field Batting Practice
10:00- Live game
12:30- Lunch (at field)
2:00- Camp wrap-up

Single Day Camp Itinerary

9:00- Check in
9:30- Introduction
10:00- Defensive/Offensive Instruction
12:00- Lunch provided
1:00- Live game
5:00- Camp wrap up