The Pharmacy School Admission Requirements© (PSAR) guidebook is available in PDF format on the AACP web site. To view, download, and print the PSAR, please go to PSAR. The Pharmacy School Locator is also an excellent resource. Click here.

The PSAR contains informative narratives about U.S. pharmacy colleges and schools, outlining environmental factors, program descriptions, and selection factors. The guide also includes tables regarding application fees and deadlines, program costs, and admission requirements.Graduate schools in the field of Phramacy and Pharmacology usually require that the undergraduate maintain a 3.0 GPA during their college years. They also require the student scores for the GRE and the PCAT. It is suggested that students complete personal research to show their interest in the field.

General Requirements (see PSAR for specific information):

  • 6 English Composition
  • 8 General Chemistry (lab)
  • 8 Organic Chemistry (lab)
  • 8 Biology- Zoology
  • 4-8 Physics (lab)
  • 6-8 Math (Calculus and Statistics)

Most want to see these courses as well:

  • Microbiology
  • Anatomy
  • Speech
  • Economics

It is important to remember that each school has specific requirements and may include more than those listed here. Please go to the AACP page that lists the requirements for each Pharmacy school.

Here is a convenient table that contains a summary of the requirements for the pharmacy schools.