The chemistry program at Westmont features small classes, academic rigor, diverse degree tracks, modern instrumentation, an emphasis on undergraduate research, and a thoughtful approach to the integration of science and the Christian faith. Chemistry students at Westmont have many opportunities to use state-of-the-art instrumentation (follow this link to see some of our instrumentation) when colloborating with faculty on research projects. In addition to doing research during the school year, many of our students spend ten weeks on campus during our intensive summer-research program. Each student in the B.S. program is required to do independent research with a faculty member.

Careers Choices

A degree in chemistry can lead to many interesting and challenging careers, including but not limited to: biochemist, chemical engineer, industrial or clinical chemist, college instructor, dentist, dietician, high school teacher, marine scientist, pharmacologist, physician, radiologic technician, nuclear medicine technician, forensic serologist, toxicologist, technical writer, patent lawyer, industrial hygienist, and industrial management. Westmont chemistry majors have received advanced degrees recently from graduate and professional programs at UCLA, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, Stanford, Iowa State, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan, Harvard, Princeton, Loma Linda, and Oregon Health Sciences.