Major Requirements

    • See the Economics and Business section of the college catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites. Some courses are offered every semester, some once per year, and some are offered periodically. See this course offering schedule for upcoming courses.

      Total Unit Requirements (49 units)

      I.  Lower Division Requirements (20 units)

      All of the following (16):

      One of the following (4)

      EB 003 Principles of Accounting

      EB 020 Research and Forecasting

      EB 011 Principles of Macroeconomics

      EB 030 Principles of Corporate Finance

      EB 012 Principles of Microeconomics

      MA 005 Introduction of Statistics          


      II.  Upper Division Requirements (9)


      All of the following (1):


       195 Senior Seminar  

      (taken during final  semester on campus)




      One of the following (4)

      One of the following (4)

      EB 102 Intermediate Microeconomics

       EB 138 Applied Management Science 

      EB 137 Intermediate Macroeconomics

       EB 180 Principles of Management


      III.  Upper Division Electives (20):


      EB 103 History of Economic Thought


      EB 104 World Poverty and Economic Development


      EB 105 Business Law


      EB 106 Environmental Economics                       


      EB 107 Business at the Bottom of the Pyramid               


      EB 116 Antitrust and Regulatory Environment


      EB 120 American Economic History


      EB 125A Topics in Accounting


      EB 125B Managerial Accounting


      EB 125C Intermediate Accounting I


      EB 125D Intermediate Accounting II


      EB 125E Tax Accounting


      EB 130 Financial Analysis and Earnings Mgmt

      EB 131 Corporate Financial Management

      EB 132 Investments and Portfolio Management  
      EB 135 Money, Banking and Financial Markets  
      EB 140 Seminar in Executive Leadership  
      EB 150A-M (various courses)  
       EB 160 Principles of Marketing  
       EB 161 International Marketing  
       EB 170 Auditing  
      EB 183 Social Enterpreneurship & Community Action  
       EB 184 Globalization: Economic History  
      EB 185 International Trade and Finance  
      EB 186 Seminar in International Business Policy  
      EB 187 Comparitive Economic Systems  
      EB 190 Practicum  
      EB 191 Entrepreneurship and New Ventures  
      EB 192 Change and Innovation  

      EB 193 Directed Research

      EB 198 Independent Research