Alumni & Careers


Dating back to the 1960s, more than 1,200 students have graduated from Westmont with a BA degree in Economics and Business. Since the early 1990s, a typical graduation class of 300 students, has on average 40 graduates from Economics and Business. E+B student responses at the annual senior breakfast prior to commencement, generally show over half of the seniors have already secured a full-time position - many at firms with whom they recently completed an internship. On average, about one third of the graduating seniors say they plan to pursue an MBA, law school, or a doctoral program within the ensuing 5 years.

A major 1992 survey had over 350 department alumni respond, and showed 28% had earned graduate degrees or C.P.A. certification. A large number go into finance and earn N.A.S.D. Series-7 securities licenses, and many complete either C.F.A. or C.F.P. designations. Students reported they found their first job in an average of 2.3 months after graduation, and the majority were “very pleased” that their Westmont education prepared them for their career and/or graduate school.

Where They Work

Graduates of the Department of Economics and Business are licensed professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries, at literally dozens of companies in the local Santa Barbara/Central Coast area, throughout California, across the U.S., and worldwide. Following is a representative sample of firms:

  • Santa Barbara/Central Coast: Pacific Capital Bancorp, Montecito Bank and Trust, Midstate Bank & Trust, Merrill Lynch, Santa Barbara Asset Management, Somera, Raytheon, Tenet Healthcare, Paine Webber, UBS, Affinity Bank, Tynan Group, Bartlett Pringle & Wolf, Netlojix, Wells Fargo, Wavefront, Callwave, TechKnowledge Point, Santa Barbara Technology Group, and AGIA.
  • California: Goldman Sachs (Los Angeles), Bank of America (San Francisco), Qualcomm (San Diego), Disney Animation (Hollywood), PIMCO (Newport Beach and Valencia), IBM (Los Angeles), Oracle (Redwood City), Cisco (San Jose), Wachovia Securities (San Francisco), Cingular (Irvine), Wells Fargo Leasing (Salinas), and Sony Pictures (Culver City).
  • Nationwide: MBNA (Wilmington), Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Ozinga (Chicago), Microsoft (Redmond, WA), Piper Jaffray (Minneapolis), Fidelity Trust (Jacksonville, FL), Ideo (Cambridge, MA), US Department of Labor (Washington, DC), Kentucky Personnel Board (Lexington), and Kraft Foods (Atlanta).
  • Global: Smith-Barney (London), Olympia Bank (Beijing), Prima Worldwide (Australia),