Advisory Committee

The Gender Studies Advisory Committee guides and supports the Gender Studies Program at Westmont through the following roles.

  • Making decisions on and coordinate campus-wide event planning around Gender Studies, usually in partnership with other campus departments or institutes.
  • Assisting in the development and approval of new courses for the minor.
  • Serving as academic advisors for students in the minor.
  • Participating in regular review of the curriculum and the website.
  • Supporting faculty who teach in the Gender Studies curriculum and students interested in the minor to foster a sense of Christian intellectual community, both in teaching and in research, around issues of gender and to advance Westmont’s role in church-wide conversations about gender and Christianity.

John Blondell
Theater Arts

Angela D’Amour
Campus Life

Heather Keaney

Warren Rogers

Caryn Reeder
Religious Studies
Coordinator of Gender Studies