Previous Gender Studies Courses Offered

Fall 2014 Gender Studies Courses

Gender & Sex Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective (AN-135) — Prof. R. Paredes Alfaro
Latin American Women Writers (SP-180) — Prof. D.Cardoso 

Spring 2015 Gender Studies Courses

Writers in Conversation: Gender and Literature (ENG-060 ) — Prof C. Larsen Hoeckley
Women in the Middle East (HIS-188) —Prof H. Keaney

Interpersonal Violence (SOC 177) Prof. S. Jirek

Spring 2014 Courses

Gender in Theological Perspective (Religious Studies 134)—H. Rhee
Gender and Ethnicity on the American Stage (Theater Arts 140)—J. Blondell
Women Writers (English 160)—J. Friedman
Women in Asian History (History 187)—C. Mallampalli

Fall 2011

Gender and Sex Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective (ANT 135) — Edwin Zehner

Spring 2012

Women Writers (ENG 160) — Larsen Hoeckley
Feminist and Gender Theory (ENG 195) — Jamie Friedman (minor credit by permission)
Medieval Mediterranean History (HIS 121) - Marianne Robins (minor credit by permission)
Women in Asian History (HIS 195-1)—Chandra Mallampall
Ethnicity & Gender on the American Stage (TA 140)—John Blondell