Mathematics Alumni

Our graduates have entered a variety of fields, including finance, accounting, teaching (high school and college), cryptanalysis, nursing, and biomedical research. Read some stories below. If you are one of our graduates, send us news and we'll include you, too! (Email Patti Hunter,

Paige Baird Whiting (2000)

paige bairdPaige spent a number of years after graduation working as a high school math teacher.  She currently lives in India and works for India Christian Ministries, giving children at risk a home life in the church and an education at the local private English speaking school. 

Patsy Calderon Lloyd (2001)

patsy calderonPatsy earned a master's degree in biostatistics at Harvard School of Public Health. She's now working as a statistician at International Partnership for Microbicides, helping run clinical trials for HIV microbicides for women. She's also working on a Ph.D. in epidemiologoy. She writes, "I appreciate the dedication of my professors at Westmont who were genuinely concerned that I not only learned the material they taught, but they were concerned that when I left Westmont I understood the process of learning itself. The process is usually uncomfortable...and trying to stay up all night to cram new material into your brain before homework is due is usually not the way to go. My all-time favorite quote from Dr. Rosentrater: 'Patsy, you need sleep.'"

Stephanie Earney Meriaux (2001)

stephanie meriaux

Stephanie graduated with a degree in math and promptly left the comforts of equations for a 4500-mile bicycle trip across the US, followed by an ironman triathalon and a brief career in outdoor education, working for Outward Bound and the Boojum Institute. She now lives in France and uses her travel and mathematics skills as a project manager for a geographic information systems company. They collect and analyze geographic and demographic information for corporations.

Kyle Bechler (2006)

kyle bechler

Kyle is a structured products analyst with Peritus Asset Management in Santa Barbara. He monitors risk metrics and does modeling and development of new financial investment products. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in statistics at UCSB.

Kristin Kidd Demmert (2006)

kristin kidd demmert

After studying mathematics at Westmont, Kristin received her nursing degree at Johns Hopkins University.  She now works at an infertility clinic in Denver, CO and is earning a master's degree in nursing.  One thing she remembers fondly about her time at Westmont is hours of reviewing concepts in the math office at the chalkboard, all of the dinners together, and learning math in such a tight-knit group.

Melissa McCleod (2006)

melissa mccleodMelissa currently teaches middle school and high school math at an international school in China--everything from 6th grade math to AP Calculus.  Her students are from all over the world, including South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, and Turkey. Her Westmont education prepared her well for some of the questions here students ask, like, "Where is exactly is pi on the number line?"

Mike Petty (2006)

Mike PettyAfter finishing his degree in mathematics, Mike worked for an internet communications provider and a software developer for manufacturing.  He's recently joined the staff of Youth With a Mission, and will be working in Romania.  Mike says that in one of his classes, "I was a little blown away when I was first introduced to non-Euclidean geometry.  But once I was given the tools and theorems to explore, it became much more exciting to wander around this place I'd never been before."

Robby Cherry (2008)

cherrySince graduating, Robby has earned a master's degree in education, coached cross country and track, and been a substitute teacher.  He now teaches mathematics at Crean Lutheran High School in Irvine, CA, and is an assistant coach for cross country and track and field. Robby has fond memories of tea and snacks at his professors' homes, accompanied by conversations about trisecting angles.