Westmont mathematics majors can find opportunities to use their skills to solve real-world problems. Explore the links below for more information.

MSRI Undergraduate Program includes summer research opportunities, mentoring, workshops on the graduate school application process, and follow-up support. A six-week summer research program includes a stipend and transportation expenses. Students who have completed their sophomore or junior year preferred. Applications due March 1. See more.

Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education internships provide 10 weeks of summer research experience to undergraduates in mathematics engineering, computer science, physics, chemistry, biological/life sciences, environmental science, emergency and incident management, and social sciences at national research labs throughout the country. Stipend of $5000 plus travel expenses. See more.

The Research in Industrial Projects (RIPS) Program provides an opportunity for high-achieving undergraduate students to work in teams on a real-world research project proposed by a sponsor from industry or the public sector. Each RIPS team is comprised of four students, an academic mentor, and an industrial sponsor. The research problem is developed by the industrial sponsor in consultation with IPAM; it is always a real problem of serious interest to the sponsor and that offers a stimulating challenge to students. See more.

The National Security Agency has many paid summer internships in Washington, DC, and also hires graduates with bachelor's degrees in mathematics. See more.

The American Mathematical Society has a page of links to many internships for undergraduates here.

Summer Research Programs

The faculty at Westmont offer opportunities for paid summer research to qualified students. Contact one of them for specific details. Students can also gain research experience at other colleges and universities throughout the country. A few are listed below. More can be found at the NSF-REU page.

Valparaiso Experience in Research by Undergraduate Mathematicians (VERUM) gives rising sophomores and juniors a research experience in mathematics. Stipend and travel funds included for this 8-week program. See more.

Pacific Undergraduate Research Experience in Mathematics (PURE) at the University of Hawaii has two components: an 8-week research program and a 5-week intensive summer course. Both give participants room and board, money for travel to Hawaii, and a stipend. Application deadline: February. See more.

The Carleton College Summer Mathematics Program for Women is an NSF-funded program to encourage and support women in their study of mathematics. Students must be completing their first or second year of college to apply. Application deadline: February. See more

UCSB Summer Research Program Students work in a small group with a faculty mentor. Housing and a $3500 stipend provided. Application deadline: February. See more.

Summer Program for Women in Mathematics at George Washington University in Washington, DC is a five-week intensive program for mathematically- talented undergraduate women who are completing their junior year and may be contemplating graduate study in the mathematical sciences. Goals of this program are to communicate an enthusiasm for mathematics, to develop research skills, to cultivate mathematical self-confidence and independence, and to promote success in graduate school. Application deadline: March 1. See more.

The EDGE Program (Enhancing Diversity in Graduate Education) provides women entering graduate school in mathematics with an opportunity to prepare for the challenges ahead. The summer program consists of two core courses in analysis and algebra/linear algebra. See more.

Fellowships and Scholarships in Mathematics

Most students who go to graduate school in mathematics (at the master's or Ph.D. level) receive fellowships from their graduate school that cover their tuition and pay a stipend. In addition, many agencies and organizations provide scholarships.

Science, Mathematics And Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship for Service Program provides scholarships for undergraduate and graduate school to students in the sciences. Recipients must work as a civilian in a U.S. Department of Defense laboratory one year for each year they receive a scholarship. Pays all tuition, health insurance, book allowance, plus stipend. Application deadline: December 15.

Assistantships and Graduate Fellowships, lists math graduate programs in the US, with details about the number of faculty and the types of fellowships provided.

Guide to Master's Programs provides information about master's degree programs in the mathematical sciences.

For more scholarships and postgraduate fellowship opportunities, See this page.