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Process for Requesting a Letter of Recommendation:

In order to write the best possible recommendation, we require at least four weeks' notice prior to the deadline. During the summer months when we are likely to be traveling and/or away from our offices, we require at least two months' notice.

Students who would like to request a letter of recommendation need to provide detailed information relevant to the recommendation: résumé; Westmont College transcript; program information; personal statement/application letter; a list of courses that you took from us and grades received; titles of your best papers or projects from our classes (and the grade received); and the deadline and mailing information for the letter.

If you are applying to multiple programs, please provide a detailed list--including the name of the program, the deadline for receipt of the letter, whether it is an online or hard copy submission process, and the address of the program. 

You do NOT need to submit a postage paid envelope; we will submit and mail all letters on your behalf using department letterhead and mailing envelopes.

Lastly, please confirm that we have received all of the required materials and remind us of impending deadlines by email.