Alumni Profiles

Westmont alumni


Jonathan Clouse, 1992 lives in North Carolina and has been working for the Department of Defense since graduating from Westmont.

Andrea Benson, 2004, is on staff with a mission organization called Christian Associates which does church-planting in Europe. She is in the midst of raising support for a move to Paris, France.


Samantha (Williams) Werley, 2005, works for a grant consulting firm which serves local governments nation-wide. As a research analyst, she tracks federal funding appropriations and researches major grant programs that will benefit their clients in areas such as education, transportation, the environment, the arts, and justice. Samantha specializes in philanthropic foundation research.

Patrick Otellini, 2002, is currently an Associate at A.R.S. & Associates doing building and fire code consulting for new developments in San Francisco. His business works as the go-between for the developer and the various city agencies in San Francisco to help high rise construction projects from the entitlement phase to final completion.

Megan Shrader, 2002, is a news anchor and television host in San Antonio, Texas for the local CBS affiliate. She hosts a show called “Great Day SA.” Megan also writes for the NSIDE business journal on a free-lance basis. “I think Political Science has definitely given me an edge in the news industry. I don’t just report the issues, I can understand and discuss them with folks.”

Cherie Warren, 1994, is a development lead at Microsoft. “It’s not exactly using the political science degree, but politics is in every interaction we have! I’m very grateful for my time at Westmont!”

Political Science Seniors Class of 2017