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The Psychology major at Westmont College seeks to provide high-quality undergraduate education in the academic field of scientific psychology and opportunities for high-quality scholarship and professional development. It also intentionally integrates faith by exploring how psychological knowledge can inform one's faith and how a person's faith can inform his or her knowledge about the science and practice of psychology. Whether it is through basic and applied research, careers in applied pyschology, or the application of behavioral skills and knowledge, our faculty, students, and staff strive to positively influence and transform ourselves and our communities.Best Psychology Degrees

In October 2015, the Westmont Psychology program was selected as one of the top ten Up and Coming Undergraduate Psychology Programs in the West by Best Psychology Degrees. Click on the award badge to read more.

Career Choices

Our graduates are well represented across the field of psychology. Many work in clinical or counseling, school, health, rehabilitation, and educational psychology. Some serve in industrual/organizational settings, marketing, and neuropsychology. Still others specialize in social, media, military, or forensic psychology. Our department works hard to ensure the success of our graduates.