Welcome to Westmont's Psychology Department!

Winter Hall

Our Mission
Westmont's psychology department provides a comprehensive undergraduate education in scientific psychology emphasizing basic research and applied practice. As a part of a larger Christian liberal arts community, we are committed to integrating psychology with a wide variety of academic disciplines and Christian faith traditions in order to promote the health and well-being of our communities, churches, and world.
Our Vision

Our vision in the Westmont psychology department is the development of our students and faculty within a Christian liberal arts context, with the resulting transformation of ourselves and our worlds.


To this end we seek to provide high-quality undergraduate education to our students in the academic field of scientific psychology and opportunities for high-quality scholarship and professional development for our faculty, students and staff.


Our overarching goals for both students and faculty are similar:

(a) to become thoughtful individuals who can critically integrate the methods and content of the academic fields of psychology with other disciplines across the sciences, with other disciplines across the academy more broadly, and with the Christian faith; and
(b) to positively influence our communities and world through basic and applied research, through careers in applied psychology, and through the application of behavioral skills and knowledge generally.

Program Learning Goals