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Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies
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As a professor there is nothing I am more interested in than making the real people who lived in the real space and time of the OT come alive for my students. As a result, those who study the great narrative of God and his people with me can expect a substantial dose of the history, archaeology, geography, and languages of the ancient Near East! My objective? That my students will come to know these characters as real people as they discover that the story of the Old Testament is indeed their story.

 I am a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Harvard University. My professional background includes nine years at Asbury Theological Seminary, four at Wesley Biblical Seminary in Jackson MS, and four at Wheaton College. Due to my passion for "real space and time," I spent a number of those years designing and administrating an Israel Studies program, taking scores of students to the land of Israel for historical geography and archaeology. My students have worked with Amihai Mazar at Tel Rehov, David Ilan at Tel Dan, Ron Tappy at Tel-Zayit, and the amazing faculty at Jerusalem University College in Jerusalem. Prior to my years as an academic, I served in professional ministry. As a result, I am deeply committed to the health of the Church, and speak and teach regularly at events dedicated to the education and discipleship of the laity.

 My publishing endeavors have alternated between pieces written for the Academy and pieces written for the laity. Deuteronomy, the Deuteronomistic History, and Biblical Theology are particular foci for me. I am best known in the Academy for The Deuteronomistic History and the Name Theology: lešakken šemo šam in the Bible and the ANE (BZAW 318), I am best known in undergraduate and lay circles for The Epic of Eden: A Christian Entry into the Old Testament (IVP). I am currently working on a commentary on Deuteronomy for Eerdman's Two Horizons series, The Fifth Gospel: A Christian Entry into the Book of Isaiah for IVP Academic, and a book on environmental theology for the lay person with Hendrickson. You will also see my face on the Seedbed site as I now have three DVD-based lay curriculums designed around The Epic of Eden.

 I am married to Steven Tsoukalas, who is also an academic with an expertise in Comparative Theology. I have two perfect daughters, Noël and Elise.

"Seven Minute Seminary" Video Mini-Lectures

The Role of Archaeology in Biblical Studies

What is a Prophet

Reading Genesis 1 in Context, Part I

The Ancient Near East and Genesis 2

What Was Israel's Government Like

Journal Articles

“Environmental Law in Deuteronomy” BBR 20.3 (2010) 

“The Question of Provenance and the Economics of Deuteronomy” JSOT 2017

Speaking Engagements 2017-2018

September 20-22  The New Room Conference, Franklin TN  “Josiah’s Awakening” and “The Cycle of Revival”

October 10-11  Murdock Trust’s Women in Leadership Program, Vancouver WA  “Prophets, Priests and Kings: Women in Leadership in the Kingdom of God”

November 19  The Institute of Biblical Research, Boston MA  “Two Are Better Than One: Wisdom from Ecclesiastes”

January 13-15  Centenary UMC, Modesto CA “The Northern Kingdom and the Kingdom of God” a weekend study for laity

February 2-4   First UMC, Baton Rouge LA “Deuteronomy” a bible conference the Baton Rouge community of faith

June 21-22  Arise City Summit, Tampa FL “Economics, Environment, and the Church” a conference for urban leaders


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