Interdisciplinary Major in Anthropology Requirements

These courses provide the foundation in anthropology that should be built at the undergraduate level.  It covers the areas which most anthropology departments feel are important: introduction to the discipline, methods, theory, area study, and topical studies.  All of the courses are currently available in the Westmont curriculum.


AN-001 – Introduction to Anthropology (4)

Theory (4)

AN-145 – Culture Theory (4) - offered every other year

Methods (12)

MA-005 - Introduction to Statistics (4) OR SOC-107 Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methods

SOC-106 Social Research Methods (4)

AN-198 Anthropology Research Project (4) similar to an honors project in senior seminar

Topical and Area Courses (30)

AN-115 Peoples & Cultures (4)

AN-130 Applied Anthropology (4)

AN-135 Gender & Sex Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective (4)

AN-140 Food Systems (4)

AN-150 Cross Cultural Communication (4)

AN-155 Global Inequality and Development (4)

AN-195-1 Senior Seminar (2)

AN-197-1 Senior Research Capstone (4)

SOC-189 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity (4)

In addition, students who are interested in anthropology should strongly consider an off-campus program in another culture.  Depending on the program, some of the courses may be applied toward the major.

Requirements for an Anthropology Minor: 24 units

AN 001 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (4)

AN 145 Culture Theory (4)

Three of the following: (12)

AN 130 Applied Anthropology (4)

AN 135 Gender and Sex Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective (4)

AN 140 Food Systems (4)

AN 150 Cross-Cultural Communication (4)

AN 155 Global Inequality and Development (4)

AN 196 Topical Seminar (4)

and One more Upper-Division AN or SOC class (4)