Sociology & Anthropology

Deane Hall

The Sociology-Anthropology Department offers students the richness of a multi-disciplinary study of human behavior. Students have the opportunity to take courses in sociology, anthropology, and social work. While providing our majors with a common foundation in the concepts, theories, and methods of the three disciplines, our majors tailor their course of study around the three major tracks that we offer: the general sociology track, the human services track, and the cross-cultural track. Our department strongly values and encourages student awareness and engagement of local and global communities, and their ongoing social inequalities in hopes of equipping students to participate in working towards social justice and cultural redemption. 

Career Choices

While the sociology major provides an excellent background for a career in any of the human services including social work, counseling, probation and law enforcement, and youth services, the cross-cultural component of the curriculum prepares students for careers in international relief and development work, foreign service, international business, and missionary outreaches in developing countries.

 A disciplinary foundation in sociology and anthropology also provides pre-professional preparation for law, public administration, church ministry, and community development. In addition, it offers excellent background for those entering the health, non-profit, and media industries.