Spanish Honor Society

Spanish Honor Society

Sigma Delta Pi, the National Hispanic Honor Society, is the largest and one of the finest foreign language honor societies in existence. It was established in 1919 at the University of California, Berkeley, and has chapters at such institutions as Columbia University, Cornell, UCLA, Stanford, and the University of Chicago, to name just a few. Westmont’s chapter, Tau Xi, was founded in 1994, and already has over 100 active members. (To download the electronic edition of T. Earle Hamilton’s book Sigma Delta Pi: A Brief History (1919-1994) as an Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf) click here. Please note that this is a large file that may take time to download.)

Each April, Westmont conducts its induction ceremony of new members in Hieronymus Lounge, followed by a dinner banquet at La Playa Azul Restaurant. During the formal ceremony, in which current members also participate and to which the entire community is invited, students learn about the history of the society and the meaning of the its name and insignia.

The purposes of the Society are:

  • to honor those who seek and attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language, literature, and culture of the Spanish speaking peoples;
  • to honor those who have made Hispanic contributions to modern culture better known in the English-speaking world;
  • to encourage college and university students to acquire a greater interest in, and a deeper understanding of Hispanic culture;
  • to foster friendly relations and mutual respect between the nations of Hispanic speech and those of English speech

Requirements for Admission: Students must be invited to join Sigma Delta Pi. To qualify they must:

  • have completed at least 3 semesters of college work
  • rank in the top third of their class
  • have completed at least 2 upper-division courses in Spanish with a minimum GPA of 3.0
  • show genuine interest in things Hispanic
  • be of good moral character

Current Members, chapter Tau Xi:

Meghan Adams

Noelle Ahlgren

Sarah Alford

Alexis Alegria

Profesora Aleta Anderson*

Profesora Araceli Ardón*

Kelly Ary

John Bailey

Adam Bailon

Sara Baker

Brett Baughman

Jessica Baumgartner

Vanessa Bean

Joshua Belden

Christine Belew

Anna Benington

Ryan Borger

Emily Boyd

Gabriela Brockhoff

Anna Brookshire

Suzanne Budrick

Susan Buie

Leslie Bunchman

Meredith Burns

Deborah Burton

Esther Calderón

Patricia Calderon

Lauren Cano

Katelyn Caparelli

Tiffany Cardenas

Aileen Carroll

Rosie Cervantes

Paige Chase

Chris Chirgwin

Heather Cochran

Andrea Cola

Megan Comstock

Jasmine Cox

Jordan Cunnings

Jason Darrow

Mindy Dawkins

Wendy Decker

Laura Dixon

Sally Dolk

Heidi Dorman

Laura Dray

Cristina Dudley

Stacie Duncan

Julie Ecker

Aimee Echevarria

Valerie Edwards

Emily Engle

Melissa Evans

Leslie Faulkner

Dana Faw

Betsie Frei

Kristalyn Frohling

Christen Foell

Derek Fowler

Leslie Gallant

Kristine Galli

Lindsey Greene

Peter Greene

Chelsea Guillermo

Julianna Gustafson

Jennifer Gutierrez

Amber Haag

Alisa Hagerty

Kate Hallock

Flora Harmsen

Robin Harvey

Malia Hayashida

Patrick Hemphill

Brian Hendricks

María Hettinga

Alexis Horlick

Heidi Horton

Saxon Housman

Michelle Howell

Rachel Hoyt

Alyson Huneycutt

Jennifer Inboden

Andrew Jacobs

Colleen James

Donna Jensen

Marti Johnson

Jennifer Jones

Kiah Jordan

Jennifer Kim

Jennifer Koehler

Kevin Kreutz

Lauren Kuehl

Renee Kusler

Kristie Laqua

Megan Last

Joshua Leachman

Melody Lentz

Kenneth Leslie

Lori Lester

Patricia Lloyd

Lessita Lorin

Sheree Lynch

Christine Manley

Julie Mann

Kristen Martin

Susan Martin

April Massey

Ana Matta

Christine Mayer

Rebecca McCasland

Heather McDowell

Paul McLean

Kate McManemin

Brent Meister

Monique Mitchell

Lina Monley

Nathanael Monley

Dr. Laura Montgomery*

Ann Moore

Kristin Morrison

Alexis Moss

Sharla Mylar

Brenda Navarrete

Miriam Niednagel

Jennifer Nicholas

Brian Olson

Christina Oostema

Alexis Ortiz

Priscilla Padilla

Nicholas Parmley

Marisol Pérez

Jessica Perkins

Jill Perkins

Jessica Peters

Kerry Poe

Anna Quirk

Kelly Roach

Nicole Rainer

Peter Ramey

Rochelle Reed

Ian Redford

Brittni Reynolds

Kerri Rice

Aaron Ritenour

LeAnn Rolston

Amanda Rosentrater

Cora Rose

Dr. Ray Rosentrater*

Rebekah Sanders

Jolene Schoenert

Jennifer Schooler

Derrin Shafer

Cynthia Sierra

Julian Simpson

Larissa Singleton

Heather Sloan

Stephanie Smith

Paige Snider

Peter Soderin

Todd Spence

Jessica Stearns

Carrie Steele

Thomas Steller

Emily Stocking

Andrea Stuart

Amy Taylor

Abigail Thom

R. Regina Thorne

Marisa Torres

Lisa Truax

Christian Vanden Heuvel

Leah VanderHamm

Gabrielle VanderMey

Simon Vann

Anna Waddell

Barbara Walter

Kendal Webb

Louanne Westcott

Camille White

Heather White

Leslie Wick

Scott Williams

Hanna Willis

Jessilyn Winters

John Woolley

Jenica Wozniak

Evan Wright

Sara Zia

Aaron Ziulkowski

Ryan Zoradi


*miembros honorarios