Pre-Law Advising

Welcome to Pre-Law at Westmont College!

As the campus Pre-Law Advisor, I serve all members of the Westmont College community who are interested in studying law.  I seek to provide advice and resources that will help students gain admission to law school and prepare them to succeed once there. In addition to organizing a number of special law-oriented events each year, I meet frequently with students to discuss how to discern if law school is right for them, what courses will best prepare them for legal studies, how to prepare for the LSAT, factors to consider in choosing a law school, and how to write a personal statement.

At Westmont, students from many majors successfully pursue law school and legal careers. Various departments offer excellent courses here that will prepare you for law school, including courses in Constitutional Law, Business Law, International Law, and Legal Philosophy. More importantly, Westmont's liberal arts curriculum emphasizes developing excellence in writing and analytical thinking—skills that are critical to successfully applying to and excelling in law school.

Whether you are considering Westmont College, are a current student here, or are an alumnus exploring law school, please use this site as a resource for your pre-law questions and planning. Of course, if you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.


Ed SongEd Song

Campus Pre-Law Advisor