The term “preoptometry” does not refer to a specific major at Westmont. Rather, this designation indicates an intention to prepare for admission to an optometry school in addition to completing a major. This track essentially entails completing the appropriate prerequisites, maintaining a high GPA, taking the Optometry Admission Test (OAT), participating in appropriate extracurricular activities, forming a recommendation committee, and completing applications to optometry schools.


Pre-Optometry classes at Westmont

What medical schools require for admission and what classes Westmont offers.


Here are three forms that you will need when you decide to use Westmont's dental school evaluation program. Please use these forms once you decide to apply to dental school.

  1. Declaration form
  2. Committee Form (Word Document)
  3. Faculty Evaluation Form

These forms are to be turned in before you leave Westmont in early May.

Please check with your committee members in late May to thank them, and also remind them that the letters are due by May 31.