Steps for Students Seeking Disability Services

Both incoming and returning students should complete the following five steps.

  • Students submit completed Student Intake form by mail, email, fax, or drop off prior to your intake interview. Students must complete and return to ODS the Student Intake form and the Confidentiality form before requesting an appointment with ODS. Fax to 805-565-7244 or by mail or hand delivery to: Sheri Noble, ODS, 955 La Paz Rd., Santa Barbara, CA. 93108.
  • Students submit completed Confidentiality Agreement by mail, email or fax, prior to interview. Returning students may bring it to ODS office in advance of the interview date.
  • Provide the ODS with verification of your disability completed by a licensed professional, as outlined on the website under Disability Verification.
  • View selections on the left side of this page and/or testing required documenting disability. Print the form that is most appropriate for your disability or provide pertinent testing evaluation.

  • Verification of a disability must be received in ODS at minimum of two weeks in advance ( Short-term disabilities excepted).
  • Make an appointment each semester: Students registered with ODS are required to meet with the director to discuss accommodations each semester. Students studying abroad are encouraged to make appointments well in advance of the program.

Brief Checklist:

Student Intake Form

Confidentiality Agreement

Disability Verification from professional (see requirements)

Turn in all paperwork to ODS

Make an appointment with ODS director

Meet with director