Science Seminars (Fall 2016-Spring 2017)

The Natural and Behavioral Sciences (NBS) seminar series brings scientists to campus to present their original research. The goal is not only to expose our students to a broad range of cutting-edge scientific work and technology but also to connect them with scientists from academic, government and industrial sectors. The NBS Division is made up of many departments including Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science, Physics and Engineering, and Psychology, and speakers are encouraged to make their presentations accessible to a broad scientific audience. The public is also welcome.

The Pascal Society hosts interdisciplinary speakers who present on issues of science and faith. Pascal Society speakers may present at one of the below dates or, more typically, arrangements are made for an evening lecture.

Fall Semester:

September 9 - Psychology: David Sherman, Ph.D., Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, University of California, Santa Barbara

"Threats and Affirmations: The Interplay of Self and Social Identity"

3:30pm, Winter Hall 210

October 14 - Nuclear Chemistry: Philip Mudder, Graduate Student at the University of California, Berkeley

"Superheavy Elements and their Chemistry"

3:30pm, Winter Hall 210

October 21 - Chemistry: P. Matthew Joyner, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Pepperdine University

"Wound-healing Associated Bioactivity of Native American Medicinal Plants of Southern California"

3:30pm, Winter Hall 210

Spring Semester:

March 10 - Chemistry, Physics and Science & Faith Club: Arnold Sikkema, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, Trinity Western University

"Quantum Physics and Christianity"

3:30pm, Winter Hall 210