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Alumni Spotlight:
Nate Williams ’10

Nate Williams

Nate Williams ’10 lives in Beijing and works for Schulze Global Investments, an American-owned private equity firm focused on investing in dynamic frontier markets such as Ethiopia, Mongolia, North Korea and the Republic of Georgia. Schulze Global’s double bottom-line focus, which seeks to obtain strong financial returns while making a beneficial impact on social, governance, and environmental matters in each market where the company invests, especially appealed to Nate. Previously, he served as the chief Beijing representative for ChinaSF, a public-private partnership through the San Francisco mayor’s office that supports Chinese investment and business expansion in the Bay Area and helps local companies grow their business in China. He held an internship in this organization during his time with Westmont in San Francisco. An economics and business major, he spent a semester studying at Xiamen University in China and a summer serving in China with Opportunity International. He has invested time in learning the language and developing professional relationships in Beijing and participates actively in the city’s main international Christian fellowship.