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Armington Hall

  • Houses up to 261 guests
  • Four split-level buildings
        • Three-room suites, with primarily double rooms

Armington Hall includes four separate buildings on lower campus nestled among the oaks. Each building features two to three levels with four separate three-room suites, that open centrally to a large lounge on each level. The residence hall can house up to 261 guests.

Deborah Clark Hall

  • Houses up to 241 guests
  • 12 two-story buildings
  • Three-room suites, with primarily double rooms

Deborah Clark Halls, 16 unique, bungalow-like residences on upper campus, features suites of three rooms per section. Conveniently close to our dining and administrative facilities, this facility houses up to 241 guests.

Emerson Hall

  • Houses up to 96 guests
  • Four split-level living areas
  • Hallway-style layout with primarily double rooms

Emerson Hall, named for Wallace Emerson, the college’s first president, sits on the highest part of campus and commands a view of the ocean and mountains. The long halls of rooms separated into four wings can accommodate up to 96 guests.

John Page Hall

  • Houses up to 204 guests
  • Two floors, split into three sections each
  • Hallway-style layout with primarily triple rooms

John Page Hall contains long halls separated into three smaller sections on upper campus and houses up to 204 guests primarily in triple rooms. A large multipurpose room occupies the main floor of the building.

Van Kampen Hall

  • Houses up to 203 guests
  • 18 suites across two floors
  • Four-room suites, with primarily triple rooms

Van Kampen Hall features a central courtyard and houses 203 guests in four-room suites. Centrally located on lower campus, it’s close to most Westmont facilities.

Private suites and bathrooms in Van Kampen can be reserved upon request for an additional charge.