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Armington Hall is located on lower campus and includes four separate buildings nestled among the oaks. Each building has two to three levels with four separate suites and a large, central lounge on each level. Armington Hall can house up to 261 guests overall.

Deborah Clark Hall are 16 bungalow-like dorms on Westmont’s upper campus. Each building is unique with suites of three rooms per section that can house up to 244 guests. These halls are conveniently located near our dining and administrative facilities.

Emerson Hall, named for the college's first president, Wallace Emerson, is constructed on the highest part of campus and commands a view of the ocean or mountains. The long halls of rooms separated into four wings can accommodate up to 106 guests.

John Page Hall has long halls separated into three smaller sections on Westmont’s upper campus. It can house up to 210 guests and has primarily triple rooms. There is a large multipurpose room located on the main floor of the building.


Van Kampen Hall houses its 211 guests in suites of four rooms each, surrounding a courtyard. Located on lower campus, it is central to most of Westmont’s facilities.