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Your Westmont SUPPORT TEAM

Faculty and staff at Westmont are known for their deep care for students. They are here not only to challenge and grow up academically, but also to nurture you and develop you socially, emotionally, professionally, and spiritually.

Below are the names of a few people who are the "first-year" student's biggest support fans:

Angela D'Amour, Director of Campus Life. Shangela d'amoure directs Orientation, oversees Westmont's student leader development program, and is deeply concerned about your well being and growth as a person as Westmont. adamour@westmont.edu


Your Orientation Team

Your Resident Directors (RDs): Rachel Fabian is the RD of Clark; Thomas Staffileno is the RD of Page and Dee Kim in the RD of Emerson. As all first-years live in either Clark, Page, or Emerson you will get the opportunity to know both of these fantastic individuals. They are looking forward to supporting you during your first year at Westmont. Please feel free to call on them. They're here for you!

rachel fabianRachel Fabian (Clark RD)





Thomas StaffelinoThomas Staffileno (Page RD)





Dee KimDee Kim (Emerson RD)





Your Resident Assistants (RAs): Westmont is known for its community. The RA process is very selective, and your RA's truly want to get to know you!

Sheri Noble, Director of Disability Services. She can sit with you to discuss accommodations, as well as educational strategies, that will equalize your opportunity to succeed at Westmont. snoble@westmont.edu

Barb Pbarb pointerointer, Director of Off Campus Programs. If you're interested in studying abroad--whether that be for a semester, or a month in the summer-- Barb is the woman to talk to! She is extremely experienced and very approachable. bpointer@westmont.edu