Biology Group

Welcome to the Biology Department

The Biology major at Westmont equips students for the rewarding and challenging professions related to laboratory, environmental, and medical studies. It also cultivates the knowledgeable care and appreciation of the living world as a means of developing a fuller appreciation of God.

There are several components of the Biology program: a schedule of required and elective coursework emphasizing biological concepts at the molecular, cellular, organism, and ecosystem levels; a laboratory program involving student investigations with opportunities for individual laboratory or field research; and a senior seminar series in which each student develops work on a topic in the biological literature and on an issue of bioethics.

The Biology program emphasizes conceptual understanding, laboratory techniques, field methods, written and oral communication skills, competency in information processing and computer analysis, and informed sensitivity to issues involving biology, ethics, culture, and faith.

Several options are available within the major. The B.A. is designed for those choosing a biology major who wish to maintain a high level of involvement in other disciplines. The B.A. in Biology is common for those entering the health sciences, and for those double-majoring.

The B.S. includes three tracks, each of which is well-suited for those who wish to pursue graduate studies. The General Track affords a comprehensive study of Biology. The Cellular and Molecular Biology Track is designed for those planning study and research in this burgeoning field. The Environmental/Natural History Track is for those whose career goals include environmental studies.