Faculty Biology Department

Biology Faculty

Steve Julio, Ph.D., Department Chair

His research explores a newly-discovered infection strategy used by the bacteria that cause Whooping Cough





Biology Faculty

Amanda Sparkman, Ph.D.

She studies the evolutionary ecology of reptiles





Biology Faculty

Beth Horvath, M.S.

She is an invertebrate zoologist working with Eastern Pacific gorgonian corals who loves spending time exploring tide pools up and down the west coast




Biology Faculty

Yi-Fan Lu, Ph.D.

He uses multi-electrode arrays (MEAs) to model human neurological disorders in the laboratory





Biology Faculty

Jeff Schloss, Ph.D.

He’s an internationally known expert on biology, love and religious belief





Laura Drake Schultheis, Ph.D.

She studies plant ecology, exploring avenues of restoration for chaparral plants suffering the impacts of disease, drought and fire.