Why Biology?

Biology, the study of life, is one of the few academic disciplines that intersect with almost every other discipline of study. The implications of life, its challenges and its successes, have influence on, and are influenced by, the conditions of life of every other organism with which we humans share the planet. In point of fact, our continued existence as healthy living beings depends, both directly and indirectly, on the life and the quality of every other living creature.

While necessity and dependence are aspects of the answer to the question of "why study biology," an even more encompassing and significant answer lies in the fact that we have been called, from the earliest chapters in Genesis, to be intimate partners with the rest of our Creator's good works. It is our responsibility, our duty, our joy, to be stewards of all God's "good gifts," using them wisely, with care and intention, so as to allow ALL of God's earthly kingdom to flourish, be "fruitful and multiply" and to share in the call of God to work well in His Kingdom. Studying biology is one very clear way to do the work that God has called us to do.