Biology Group

Are you a curious observer of the natural world around you?  Do you like to figure out how living systems function?  Do you enjoy working in the laboratory and the field?  Then a Biology major might be a great fit.  Our mission is to cultivate our students’ appreciation and care of the living world, including human life.  To this end, we seek to facilitate students’ growth in the knowledge of the biological sciences, the ability to carry out and communicate scientific research, and the understanding of issues involving the interaction of biology with other academic disciplines and Christian faith.  Creative and rigorous scientific investigation is a hallmark of our program.  Students gain extensive experience in laboratory techniques and field methods, conducting independent research projects in many of our upper-division courses and collaborating with faculty members on advanced projects during the summer or academic year. Ultimately, our graduates are equipped for rewarding and challenging careers in the laboratory, environmental, biotech, and health fields.   They also emerge with an informed sensitivity to issues related to science, ethics, culture, and faith.

Career Options

Our graduates have entered a wide variety of fields after graduation.  Some examples include: teaching (secondary & college), the health sciences (MD, PA, nurse practitioner, DO, dentist, chiropractor), public health (epidemiology, policy, education, research), forensics, museum sciences, the National Park Service (park ranger, fish and wildlife biologist), ecology and conservation biology, biotechnology, genetic counseling, environmental policy & law, sustainable development, veterinary medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, agriculture, and entrepreneurism.