Opportunities exist for student research both in the Department of Biology and off-campus. During the academic year, discuss your plans with the professor whose research most closely matches your interests (see Biology faculty research interests). Often you can join into an ongoing project, or perhaps carry out research of your own design.
During the summer months, the Department has a few stipends available for summer research students. Fill out the application, and turn it in prior to the President’s Holiday break. Also, discuss your interests with the appropriate faculty member. Additionally, the Department has information about off-campus summer research opportunities for which you can apply. This information is available on the summer research web page, with some additional information located on the Biology poster board (outside the Department office).

Summer Research Opportunities for Undergraduates

Presented here is a list of some opportunities available to undergraduates for summer research. The the last three links in italics are sites that have multiple websites, a great place to start!

Research Sites: