Computer Science is a great field with many opportunities! Money magazine rated software engineer as the best job in America based on job opportunities, satisfaction, and pay. Annual job openings in computer science are projected to far exceed the number of graduates for the forseeable future. Opportunities for careers in computer science are both numerous and diverse, and a critical shortage of well-prepared professionals is predicted to exist for many years to come.

Computers have become ubiquitous and permeate every facet of our society.  More and more careers are integrally related to computer science such as bioinformatics, cognitive science, digital media arts, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, management information systems, human-computer interaction, and intellectual property law.  Essentially all fields and organizations welcome the talents of those properly trained in computer science.

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Alumni Highlights

Graduates 2004

Ben Eastvold '01 is pursuing a Ph.D. in Old Testament at University of California, Berkeley, and working as a system administraor at Bradshaw Christian School.

Tyler Conant '02 is a senior software engineer at TASER International.

Luke Chambers '02 is a programming manager at iParadigms, the leader in the field of textual intellectual property protection and the provider of Turnitin plagiarism detection products.

Nick Lassonde '03 helped to start a software company that was subsequently purchased by Kaseya, a global provider of IT automation software. Nick now serves as a senior engineer with Kaseya.

James Hanson '03 is a security consultant with FishNet Security, a national leader in information security solutions.

Dustin Carroll '04 recently completed a Masters degree in Physical Oceanography from Moss Landing Marine Laboratories in Monterey. He is now working for a lab at the school developing underwater robotics (unmanned submersibles) that are used to explore under the sea ice in Antarctica. He is currently working in Antarctica for 3 months field testing the robotics, and has put a video of the ROV in action on YouTube.

Jesse "Thurman" Kuroki '04 is working in the computer games industry as a design coordinator at Nihilistic Software.

Rob Broadus is a programming lead at Anchor Point IT Solutions.

Mike Yankoski '05 has been involved in various software startups and has also written Under the Overpass, a book about homelessness. He is in seminary at Regent College.

Thomas Cantrell '05 is a network software engineer at Green Hills Software.

Julia Willson '06 is a senior QA tester with Disney Interactive Studios.

Daniel Shank '06 is a software QA engineer at AppFolio.

Kyle Watters '06 is pursuing a Ph.D. in astrophysics at Stanford and using his computer science skills in his research.

Nick Burwell '06 is a user experience engineer at RingRevenue.

Brad Jensen '06 is a software engineer at Karl Storz Imaging, working on software for medical devices.

Stephen Raub '07 is a software engineer at Blizzard Entertainment.

JB Schiller '08 is in law school and intends to practice intellectual property law.

Joel Stewart '08 is a technical support engineer at EMC.