Alumni Profiles

Graduates 2004Luke Chambers '02 is a programming manager at iParadigms, the leader in the field of textual intellectual property protection and the provider of Turnitin plagiarism detection products.

Nick Lassonde '03 helped to start a software company that was subsequently purchased by Kaseya, a global provider of IT automation software. Nick now serves as a senior engineer with Kaseya.

James Hanson '03 is a security consultant with FishNet Security, a national leader in information security solutions.

Dustin Carroll '04 is finishing a Maters dedgree in Marine Science / Physical Oceanography from Moss
Landing Marine Laboratories
in Monterey and applying to PhD programs.

Mike Yankoski '05 has been involved in various software startups and has also written Under the Overpass, a book about homelessness. He will begin seminary at Regent College in fall 2008.

Julia Willson '06 is a QA senior tester with Disney Interactive Studios.

Kyle Watters '06 is pursuing a Ph.D. in astrophysics at Stanford and using his computer science skills in his research.