New Mayterm Classes Make a Computer Science Minor Easier

Want to make yourself more marketable after you graduate from Westmont? You can add valuable computer skills to your resume when you complete a computer science minor, which requires five computer science classes. You only have to fit two of these courses into your regular schedule as you can take the other three in consecutive Mayterms. Students from all majors can participate in this new program.

But you need to start early by taking two classes that meet general education requirements (Reasoning Abstractly and Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning) during your first three semesters at Westmont: Design and Implementation of Solutions to Computational Problems (CS 010); and Discrete Mathematics (CS/MA 015). These courses are required for four other majors (mathematic, biology, chemistry and psychology).

Then, the Mayterm after your first year at Westmont, you take Abstract Models for Concrete Problems Using Java (CS 030), followed by Space, Time, and Perfect Algorithms (CS 120) the next year, with Computer Organization and Hardware Architecture (CS 045) at the end of your junior year. This Mayterm sequence begins in 2018.

Why add a minor in computer science? It diversifies your educational portfolio and opens up additional job opportunities. Potential employers see that you’ve learned specific computer skills, which can set you apart from other applicants.

According to an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education, liberal-arts graduates improve their job prospects by acquiring some proficiency in one of eight specific skill sets, such as data analysis and knowledge of Java or other programming languages (“Liberal-Arts Majors Have Plenty of Job Prospects, If They Have Some Specific Skills, Too,” by Goldie Blumenstyk, June 09, 2016).