History is the study of human activity in the world and its meaning from the earliest times to the present. It explores different dimensions of human interactions in their environments, including politics, economics, religion, culture, and ecology.

The study of history sharpens analytical and critical skills essential to intelligent citizenship in today’s world. It fosters the ability to ask good questions, to understand situations from several vantage points, to cultivate humility, and to understand and appreciate other times, people, and cultures. Students learn to conduct research and communicate their findings clearly. All these skills are readily transferable to a wide range of careers.

The department’s standard track allows students to take courses from a variety of time periods and geographic areas. Many students spend a semester abroad during the course of their studies. Some do so as part of the major’s International Studies track. There is also a track for those who wish to pursue a career in secondary education and for those considering advanced graduate work.

Our faculty are strikingly international, with strong ties to five different countries and PhDs from three. Westmont history majors leave prepared to serve the world.

Career Choices

Out graduates flourish in a wide range of careers, including education, marketing, archival work, finance, non-profits, management, law, government, and Christian ministry. Click here for profiles of some of our alumni.