Photo of Paul Wilt


Paul and Doris Wilt Prize

Each year, Dr. and Mrs. Paul C. Wilt fund a cash prize for the best research paper in the Senior Seminar (History 198). Dr. Wilt was a member of the history department faculty for over 30 years. During his time in the department, he was a strong supporter of the Senior Seminar. In this class, advanced history students have the opportunity to pursue a research project on their own. The project must involve using both primary and secondary sources, and must represent a student’s mastery of the current research on the topic as well as their own contribution to that scholarship. The prize is $500, along with a celebratory meal with Paul and Doris Wilt and the department faculty.


Leadership Award, sponsored by Blenders in the Grass

This annual award recognizes one senior history major who has demonstrated leadership in the department. We regularly have students who make the department's courses better: contributing thoughtfully to class discussions, encouraging other students, modeling a love of history, these students make the major better for everyone, students and professors alike. This award recognizes these outstanding students. It is funded by a local business whose owners care about the past and see history as essential for intelligent citizenship in the world.