Westmont Ensembles

Choral and instrumental ensembles at Westmont, including the College Choir, Chamber Singers, Women’s Chorale, Men’s Chorale, Orchestra, New Sounds and the Wind Ensemble, are open by audition to all students, regardless of major.

College Choir
MUA 071/171

Westmont’s principal choral ensemble, a large mixed chorus, is under the direction of Dr. Michael Shasberger. The choir performs the classic repertoire of the past five centuries, along with spirituals, folk song arrangements, and music of other cultures. The ensemble presents local concerts including, each year, a major work with orchestra. The College Choir also appears at Westmont events, performs in chapel, ministers in local church services, and participates in regional choral festivals. Highlights of the year include the Christmas concert and the spring tour. To learn more about the College Choir, please see this link.College Choir

Chamber Singers
MUA 072/172
This select ensemble, under the direction of Dr. Grey Brothers, specializes in a cappella literature, including madrigals and motets of the Renaissance, contemporary sacred and secular music, folk song arrangements, spirituals, and vocal jazz. Community outreach is central to the ensemble. In addition to performing alongside the College Choir, the Chamber Singers performs on its own locally and across Southern California and the Central Coast. Performance highlights include the Fall Choral Festival, the Christmas Concert, the Spring Choral Masterworks Concert, the fall and spring Vocal Chamber Concerts, and the spring tour. Membership in the Chamber Singers is contingent upon membership in the College Choir.Chamber Singers


Choral Union
MUA 078/178
The Westmont Choral Union, under the direction of Dr. Grey Brothers,provides a choral music opportunity for all Westmont students who arenot members of the Westmont College Choir. It is open to all withoutaudition. Geared primarily toward first-year students, the ChoralUnion focuses on choral music fundamentals and provides opportunitiesfor large mixed, single-gender, and chamber ensembles. The ChoralUnion performs a wide variety of repertoire in various configurationsand collaborates with the Westmont College Choir. Performancehighlights include the Fall Choral Festival, the Christmas Concert,the Spring Choral Masterworks Concert, and the spring Vocal ChamberConcert.

College Orchestra
MUA 083/183
The College Orchestra, conducted by Dr. Michael Shasberger, performs original literature, transcriptions, and arrangements. Included in this are works for full orchestra, string orchestra, and small ensembles. The study and practice includes various style periods and composers from the Renaissance through the Twenty First Century. The orchestra performs two major independent concerts each semester, as well as a combined Christmas concert with the choral ensembles and a major works program in the spring with the College Choir. Typically, the orchestra is made up of circa 40 student string players and a classical wind component with appropriate percussion and keyboard musicians. Faculty specialists coach each section of the orchestra, including Dr. Han Soo Kim (violin), and Dr. Paul Mori (wind, brass and percussion).Orchestra


Wind Ensemble 
MUA 081/181
Various Wind Ensembles, directed and coached by Dr. Paul Mori, are organized for brass, woodwind, and percussion players. The various chamber ensembles perform throughout the semester. Typical groups include a woodwind quintet, 5 brass sextet, brass choir, and flute ensemble. Other ensemble forms to meet student interest and abilities.

Jazz Groups
MUA 082/182
Westmont has three ensembles of varying levels. All groups study the jazz idiom, including the art of improvisation, and perform both on and off campus.


Consider a Westmont music ensemble for your next event. Available for music for church worship services and special occasions. Please contact the music office for more information at 805-565-6040 or email music@westmont.edu.

Brass Ensemble
A wide range of music from contemporary jazz to hymn arrangements mixed with classical pieces.

Brass Ensemble

String Quartet
Offering traditional string quartet literature and hymn arrangements performed by string music students.

String Quartet