Phi Sigma Tau

As Westmont’s first honor society chapter - started over 20 years ago - Phi Sigma Tau has a rich tradition of pursuing truth and knowledge.

One of the society’s two main goals is to encourage and assist members in studying philosophy through events and meetings and to provide them with the opportunity to publish papers in the society’s journal, Dialogue.

The second goal, to increase philosophical awareness throughout Westmont’s student body, has led to a number of successful guest lectures, discussion forums, and other events in recent years.

Phi Sigma Tau is committed to providing opportunities for members to pursue excellence in philosophy and to educating the Westmont community about the joys, benefits, and fascinating issues of philosophy.

If you have any questions about the society or suggestions for upcoming events, please contact Dr. Jim Taylor.

Philosophia est ars vitae.
(Philosophy is the art of life)