Felicia Wu Song

Felicia Wu Song

Professor of Sociology
Phone: (805) 565-6840
Email: fsong@westmont.edu
Office Location: Deane Hall 211

Office Hours
Dr. Felicia Song is on sabbatical for 2017-2018.

Social Media and Digital Technology
Sociology of Culture 

Professor Song joined Westmont in 2013 as Associate Professor and Chair of the Sociology and Anthropology Department.  After previously teaching at Louisiana State University’s Manship School for Mass Communication, she brings a keen interest in the rapidly evolving social media industry and how the adoption of social media is fundamentally altering the landscape of the family, religion, education, advertising, social movements, and mass media. Her current research on “mommy bloggers” involves participant observation at social media conferences and interviews with women invested in blogging and social media as a profession. When she is not teaching or researching, she enjoys being a foodie with her husband, Ed, and reading children’s books and driving recklessly on Mario Kart Wii with her two children.   

Professor Song teaches:

  • Internet and Society
  • Sociological Theory
  • Research Methods
  • Introduction to Sociology


  • Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Virginia
  • M.A. in Communication Studies, Northwestern University
  • B.A. in History, Yale University

Research interests

  • Motherhood and Digital Technology
  • Social Media and Consumer Culture
  • Sociology of Culture

Selected publications

  • Song, F. W., J. West, N. Dahmen, and L. Lundy (2012). Women, Pregnancy, and Health Information Online: The Making of Informed Patients and Ideal Mothers. Gender & Society. 26: 773-798.
  • Song, F. W., (2010) “Theorizing Web 2.0: A Cultural Perspective.” Information, Communication and Society. 13:2, 249-275.
  • Song, F. W., (2009). Virtual Communities: Bowling Alone, Online Together. New York: Peter Lang
  • Song, F.W. (2008). “Social Networking Sites: Mirrors of Contemporary Individualism.” Culture, Issue 2.1.
  • Song, F.W. (2004) “Online Communities in a Therapeutic Age,” in Jonathan B. Imber, ed., Therapeutic Culture: Triumph and Defeat. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Press, 137-151. (Original version published in Society, Vol. 39, No. 2 (January - February 2002).