Spring 2018

End to Avoid Damage

Written by Diane Exavier
Directed by Karly Kuntz

Black Box Theater
No Admission Charge
When living through apocalypse, what becomes a moon? What is a star? What planet remains? What planet reveals itself to be inhabitable? And who can you live with? End to Avoid Damage is a play about friendship and the laundry list of things to be done as a world comes to its end. A specially commissioned new play, featuring senior projects by actor Troy Chimuma and designer Leslie Duggin.

Fringe Festival!

Curated by John Blondell
Westmont Campus
April 19-22

The department’s annual celebration of original, devised, experimental, and otherwise new and previously unseen work that culminates every season at the college. A smorgasbord of new work that features over two-dozen pieces of theatre, dance, film, art installations, and solo performance, and includes nearly 100 students. A one-of-a-kind event not to be missed. Really. Featuring a senior project by Madison Widener.
General Admission per day $10,
Students & Seniors Admission $7
All festival pass General Admission $15
All festival pass Student & Seniors $10