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Why Theatre Arts at Westmont?

As you look into our program, please keep in mind the distinct qualities of a Theatre education at Westmont.

We learn and create in a Christ-centered environment. Our fundamental mission is to explore, deepen, and integrate our faith and the study of the theatre. As a department, we are committed to living into the challenging questions of our mission and studying the art form in the light of the heritage and principles that inform our faith.

Liberal Arts
At Westmont, we are interested in training theatre-makers. Each major is required to take a core curriculum that will provide a deep and broad understanding of the discipline of the theatre. Though each student will have the ability to elect classes that support their ultimate vocational interests, we firmly believe in a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the field.

One of the hallmarks of our program is a focus on international theatre theory, trends, and practice. Through the department’s endowed Globe Series, international artists and scholars are brought to campus to present their work and work directly with students in workshops and mini-residencies. In addition, students are encouraged to participate in one of the many Westmont off-campus programs that will support their development in the discipline.

Our faculty and staff are comprised of talented teachers and theatre artists, with a great depth of professional experience. All of our faculty and staff work regularly in the local, national, and international professional theatre, and many have been recipients of major regional awards. Students will have a great deal of exposure to the professional world, and will be taught by professors who are currently active in the field.

Our faculty work closely with students, and since Westmont is a small school and our department is relatively small, each student receives a great deal of individual attention and training. First year students are regularly highly involved in the production arm of the department from the very first semester. At Westmont, the faculty and staff are interested in student development on all levels: as artists, as scholars, and as human beings