What are recent grads doing?

AlumniParticipation in Westmont’s theatre program - by majors and non-majors alike - offers skills and experiences that educate students for many job opportunities after graduation. Department graduates are presently involved in many aspects of the large, exciting field of theatre. Numerous alumni are pursuing careers in acting, and have appeared on both stage and screen, including television and major motion pictures. . Department graduates have pursued graduate study at schools such as the University of California, Santa Barbara; the University of Arizona; San Francisco State University; Harvard University/ART, CalArts, UC San Diego, UMASS Amherst, and UCLA.

Diana Small '09, MFA Playwriting Candidate at the Michener Center, University of Texas at Austin

While a student at Westmont, I saw plays performed by theater companies from Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Canada, Georgia, Macedonia, Finland, and England. As a scholarship and work-study Westmont student, it was incredibly advantageous for me to have the international arts exposure to which I was not privileged to have before coming to college. Watching performances by visiting international artists, as well as meeting international actors, designers, and directors personally engaged me to think about story-telling as a world practice. It's how my undergraduate theatre experience differs from my graduate colleagues, including other faith-based institutions

Rose Elfman ‘05, Current PhD Candidate at UCSB

“Thanks in large part to the opportunities I got to experience global performance while at Westmont, I am writing my dissertation on international Shakespeare festivals.”

Casey Caldwell ‘08, Professional Actor and Artistic Director Ratatat Theater Company

“More than anything else I learned at Westmont, the theater department instilled in me a "go do it" spirit, a feeling that you should just get out there and make art happen. And this has been invaluable.” http://www.ratatattheatergroup.com/

Sarah Halford ‘09, MFA Acting program '13, UCSD

“All of my training at Westmont not only prepared me for auditions, but is continuing to provide a wellspring of knowledge at my graduate program.”