What are recent grads doing?

The Seven Dimensions of Elk Afterlife Go!(photo:The Seven Dimensions of Elk After Life Go! Grant Exhibit photo: Austin Dowling )
Diana Lynn Small '09 makes art for a live audience. She writes, acts, and directs for the stage. She is a songwriter and singer. Diana’s a MFA candidate in the Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas at Austin focusing on playwriting and poetry. She’s made new plays with Westmont College, UT Austin, Theatre Masters, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Ratatat Theater Group, and the Zach Theatre. Diana was an artist in residence at Tofte Lake Center in Ely, MN in 2014. She’s a member of the Lit Moon Theatre Company. She is collaborating on her new play The Seven Dimensions of Elk After Life with Westmont alumni James Hapke and Trevor Welch, for which she received a UT Go!Grant to travel to West Texas to do research and write trashy pop songs. Her play Mad & a Goat featuring Westmont alumni Heather Ostberg Johnson and Paige Tautz will premiere at the UT New Works Festival in 2015. Her plays Good Day and Enter a Woman, Pretty Enough will premiere at UT in the '14-'15 season. www.dianalynnsmall.com

Rose Elfman ‘05, Current PhD Candidate at UCSB

“Thanks in large part to the opportunities I got to experience global performance while at Westmont, I am writing my dissertation on international Shakespeare festivals.”

Casey Caldwell ‘08, Professional Actor and Artistic Director Ratatat Theater Company

“More than anything else I learned at Westmont, the theater department instilled in me a "go do it" spirit, a feeling that you should just get out there and make art happen. And this has been invaluable.” http://www.ratatattheatergroup.com/

Sarah Halford ‘09, MFA Acting program '13, UCSD

“All of my training at Westmont not only prepared me for auditions, but is continuing to provide a wellspring of knowledge at my graduate program.”