Eric EdererEric Ederer

Eric Ederer graduated in 1996 with a BA in Music Composition from the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and as a composer has been a contributor to Cinetrax Music Library for film trailers, as well as writing and performing original art music, most recently releasing the album “Tune” in 2013. He went on to study for an MA in Ethnomusicology at UCSB, with a thesis on the role of the cümbüş (a musical instrument) in modern Turkey, followed by a PhD on “The Theory and Praxis of Makam in Classical Turkish Music 1910-2010,” which he received in 2011.
Dr. Ederer has been performing Middle Eastern and Greek music since 2000 with various ensembles in Southern California; Portland, Oregon; Chicago, Illinois; and Istanbul, Turkey, and regularly teaches Turkish and Arab music theory as well as oud (the grandfather of the lute) at Mendocino Middle Eastern Music and Dance Camp. He has also taught courses in ethnomusicology at the California Institute of the Arts and Westmont College. In addition to the oud, he plays the lâvta, tanbur, cümbüş and guitar, and has developed the “nautilauta,” an experimental new microtonally-fretted instrument designed to be suitable for many kinds of Near Eastern and Just Intonation music.