Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go about applying for a scholarship?

To fill out a theatre scholarship application, go to scholarships . This link has applications for theatre scholarships and information regarding what audition materials are requested. The deadline is March 15th, and scholarship recipients will be notified by the end of April. Awards range from $750.00 - $2000.00 per academic year, and are available to both incoming and returning students. A live audition is always preferred, but a DVD is acceptable in the event you cannot visit the campus.

What does it mean to make “Christian Theatre”?

Excellent question, and one that the faculty and students are continually wrestling with here in the department. We hold an expansive view of what is possible, and feel called to tell the human story and celebrate the moral imagination, our art springing from our faith. Here in the Westmont theatre department we have the advantage of living and working in a Christ-centered community. We acknowledge our connection and need for God, and we view the creative act itself as a form of prayer, an echoing of Creation. We pray together, we ask as a community that God be glorified through our work, and we recognize that to express ourselves in art is to experience more fully the richness of being human. We challenge the negative stereotypes of our profession and we replace them with godly possibilities, and we endeavor to make excellent, innovative theatre. Because of the lack of explicit direction about theatre in the Bible, Christian artists must, to paraphrase Aristotle, be reflective and moral in all of their work, becoming thoroughly responsible artists and individuals in the world. This constant process of living in the exquisite pressure of the theatre provides an excellent training ground for the student in the journey toward an enlightened mind, deep insight, a curious spirit, and an appreciation for beauty and truth.

How many majors are in the program?

We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain intimate class sizes and facilitate personal relationships between the students and faculty. The total number of majors ranges from 25-30 in any given year. However, being a theatre major is not a requirement for participating in departmental productions, which are open to all students.

Can I get involved during my first year?

One of the advantages of attending a smaller college is the opportunity for students to get involved in the department during their first year. The intimate nature of the department combined with our incredibly ambitious season means that students can eat and breathe theatre if they so choose! Opportunities range from mainstage productions to student directed scenes to original pieces for the fringe festival. In addition, students work as designers, directors, stage managers, and tech crew, and participate in the various class activities and projects.

What kind of dance is taught at Westmont?

The dance production course is based primarily on Modern Dance, with work being choreographed by faculty members and students both for the Fall Dance Concert and the Fringe Festival in the Spring. Dance students can take technique courses through the PEA program at Westmont in jazz, ballet, modern, ballroom swing, and hip hop.