Christmas Holiday

Who stays over Christmas holiday?

The residence halls close at the end of Fall semester in mid-December, and students are required to vacate until the halls re-open for Spring semester in January. However, several athletic programs may arrange to have their athletes stay on-campus for scheduled games and practices during the Christmas holiday. These have been men's and women's basketball in December and early January, and occasionally the men's baseball team in early January.

The coaches are responsible to arrange with Housing in advance for their athletes to stay in campus housing while the residence halls are officially closed. The electronic door program is operated from the housing data which has been approved by Housing. There are additional expectations and restrictions* in the residence halls (see below). Only students who reside on-campus for the Fall and Spring semesters are allowed to reside in the residence halls during Christmas holiday. Athletes who reside off-campus for the Fall or Spring semester do not stay in campus housing during Christmas holiday because they will not have been officially checked-in by residence staff and would not have room keys from the residence hall staff prior to Christmas holiday.

Special approval needed

Students are not allowed to be in the residence halls during Christmas holiday, unless they are part of one of the athletic programs mentioned above and have been approved by Housing to stay in their room for specific dates. When a student has been approved, he or she will receive an e-mail from David King, Housing Director, to confirm it. The dates approved will be communicated in the e-mail.

Coaches need to contact Housing in advance to arrange for approval. Once arranged, the coaches will add their own student's names and manage their own group list at the Special Housing Schedule (login) site.

Administrator's View

Administrators who have authorization to view the entire Christmas Holiday list may login here Christmas Holiday list.

*Expectations and Restrictions

The Community Life Statement and behavioral expectations in the Student Handbook are in force during Christmas holiday. Additional expectations and restrictions are as follows:

Behavioral Expectations
1. The residence halls are closed to all students not authorized to stay by the Housing Office. Students are only allowed to be in the residence halls during the dates which have been specifically arranged by the Housing Office.
2. No visitors or guests are allowed to stay overnight on campus.
3. There are no ‘open’ hours, therefore no guests or visitors of the opposite sex are allowed in the room. 'Open' privileges are suspended while the residence halls are officially closed.
4. If you are aware of any suspicious behavior in the residence hall area, or an unauthorized visit by someone of the opposite sex, please report it to Public Safety or the Student Life Office immediately.

Personnel Availability
1. Resident Directors are on vacation and should not be disturbed. If you get locked out, you may contact Public Safety (805-565-6222).
2. Public Safety may be contacted “24/7” for students locked out of their rooms. Residents may be required to show their ID cards or drivers license to get access to their rooms.

Facility & Service Restrictions
1. Students approved to reside on campus during the Christmas holiday period should already be checked into their Spring 2015 housing assignments with the RA (i.e. prior to the Christmas holiday). No on-campus housing is provided to students who currently reside off-campus (during the Fall) or will be off-campus for the Spring 2015 semester.
2. There are no regular meal hours in the dining commons until the weekend preceding the first day of Spring semester classes.
3. Cooking is restricted to the residence hall kitchens, and kitchens in most residence halls will be closed.
4. The residence hall lounges may have the television sets stored away for security reasons.
5. Restrooms will only be cleaned and re-stocked on request, not automatically. Any concerns or needs should be reported to Tom Beveridge, Director of the Physical Plant (805-565-6017) or Mayra Leo, Manager of Custodial Services (805-565-6141).
6. Any student may attend college-sponsored events (e.g. basketball games) or conduct business during posted open hours (e.g. library, post office, records, housing). That is, while the residence halls are officially closed, the campus remains open for students who are here for good reasons.