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This page, which constitutes the Westmont College Student Handbook, outlines policies and procedures, educational programs, the student conduct process, and important information regarding various campus services. That said, it does not constitute a contract between the student and the college. By appropriate action of the college, the policies and procedures communicated contained here are subject to change, update, amendment and/or other modification at any time without prior notice. Students of Westmont College are responsible for reviewing and adhering to all published college policies. We hope that you find this handbook to be a tool that is both informative and helpful.

Important Institutional Documents

Student Life is intentional about creating a community that is founded on biblical principles. The Community Life Statement and Diversity Matters at Westmont intentionally appear at the top of this page because each is foundational and together describe the high responsibility and privilege you bear, having chosen to be a member of this community.

Community Life Statement and Behavioral Expectations

Diversity Matters

We encourage you to read these statements every year you are a student here and to imagine how you will actively contribute to making Westmont a place that truly reflects our commitment to living and loving as Christ would. It might require taking risks, guarding your heart, controlling your tongue, entertaining a new perspective, submitting to authority or patiently listening to a friend in need. Full-hearted engagement with this community is no small task but is so rewarding when done well.

Student Life Resources

College Nondiscrimination Policies