Late Spring Check-Out

What is this?

Late spring check-out refers to the special approval which is given to some campus residents to remain an extra two days in their rooms after the residence halls close at the end of spring semester. This approval is to provide extended housing for those involved in certain college activities, such as:

  • Residents who are graduating
  • Residents who are asked by faculty and staff to assist on graduation weekend
  • Residents who will be moving to Mayterm housing on the day after graduation
  • Residents who will move from their college housing assignment for the spring semester (i.e on-campus or OV) to summer housing at Ocean View on the day after graduation
  • Residents who are involved in intercollegiate athletics which extend beyond the regular semester
  • Residents who will work for the Westmont Conference Center during the summer
  • Resident Assistants who are required to stay through the weekend

Late spring check-out is not for those who want to stay in college housing for their own interests or travel schedule.

Approval needed by Housing

Faculty and staff who need non-graduating residents to remain for graduation weekend to assist them or their department should contact Housing in advance to arrange for approval. Faculty and staff will add their own students' names and manage their late check-out group at the Special Housing Schedule (login) site.

The Housing Office will enter the names of residents who expected to graduate, residents who have submitted requests for housing during Mayterm, and residents who have requested summer housing at Ocean View.

Administrator's View

Administrators who have authorization to view the entire Late Spring Check-Out list may login here to View Late Check-Outs list.